BELOW: SKY from another moment in his time-lines -before becomes SUNMAN . Just a very ROUGH sketch, the look of Sky varies..

Small Heading
                  Sky skateboarding.
Sky skateboarding.

Representative (similar likeness) of image (to) the Sky Kid Anderson skateboarding - flying high into air, along through the sky.

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                  Sky skateboarding.
Sky skateboarding.

Representative (similar likeness) of image (to) the Sky Kid Anderson skateboarding - flying high into air, along through the sky.

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Before SUNMAN was
heroic SKY Anderson.
When Sky becomes a

super-hero, too, own

true identity unknown

when he's this 

alter-ego, he

  becomes :




Just Sky, shown  here (temp found photo representation), in his youth, when excelled at skateboarding. To be substituted a graphic art drawing. ( below's provided as a simularity of likeness only, not an exact representation).


Renown for Skateboarding, Surfing, Skydiving, Extreme Sports and  Stunts, and also a SpaceNut ,runs in the family, he's an all round charismatic cool guy. His brother is super talented too.

He's also a gal magnet. And just seems, he's

drawn to action, and action and peril drawn to

him, plus adventure, and great adversaries.

As SUNMAN  these become even more intense, &

futuristic, and cosmically fantastic !

Small Heading
Heading 6

The above short novel I did,

Before​ superhero SUNMAN

'Twas Only SKY is being  re-written by me, updated, revised, expanded. Looking at launching a Kickstarter campaign on behalf of that.

Page of superhero SUNMAN

debut movie scripts (from

one of the two movies that comprise the debut origin story). Will get revised in new drafts of the script.

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Previous CD face design for superhero SUNMAN:

the theme song, SUNMAN

- for the single CD of it.

About Us

SUNMAN c.2021 Carman Keddy  - been my (Carman N. Keddy) registered trademark U.S and Canada.  He's a fictional superhero character (though I try meld fiction with the fabric of the real world some so seems like the fictional appears as possibly real). I created what can be ascribed as akin an opposite sort of figure than BATMAN.  l also created the other characters in his Los Angeles (or, fictional substitute) based world including he who becomes Sunman, Sky Kid Anderson. Sky is who becomes Sunman and Sunman then after  is the superhero  alter-ego of SKY, that fact unknown to all but he, and...,  though some suspect  he is that at times). Sky does, over time and advancing story-lines, ever evolve further and more capably endowed into his Sunman alter-ego identity. A series of fated events drive, force Sky, as superb as already was, to have to dig deeper, become more spectacular empowered. Only as  SUNMAN can he overcome, and triumph over great adversary, his and of those of others in the near future. There's also a lot of fun and warmth, along  the way as well as thrilling action, adventure, great perils and wonders, romance, and empathetic  drama. The SUN itself is a majestic and magnificent beacon and icon of numerous facets and associations, our hearth in the cosmos.  Everyone has daily connection to it. It conjours a wide range of auras, emotions, expectations. It drives, encourages, people.  It links us to the cosmos of the countless other stars in the 'sky' beyond, into the fabric of the universe into which is itself embedded. Like the aspirations  of individuals, man, life, intelligent life everywhere, it burns with a heart of fire in the dark of space.




Storylines include:


Sky's grandparents. A heritage of heroism begins.

Sky's parents, family, and world, a hero's conceived, born, raised. 

Sky's fated journey to first hero, and, to superhero, as SUNMAN.
Including recent new material as been jotted of a dramatic unforgetable, storyline arc. intended to be presented in a 5 of 5 issues comic book run. 

SKYFALL - Sky what been doing recently, 2011,12,13, 14, 15.., leading to:
Origin debut of Sunman and futher new exploits  - in movies, hopefully by 2017 / 18  !!
Also updated the timelines in overall grand story timeframe, so keep Sky at an appropriately young age when he first creates and becomes* the superhero,
(so if Sunman movie debuts '17 or '18, Sky be at right age then.


Have to revise all this, re 2021.

Updates for 2016, Feb. 23rd:
recently been writing a (now near 1st draft done) feature movie script for Sunman as features Sky at ~20 in 2013. Most recently wrote a (Bond scope of a) movie theme song for the project, the lyrics part. 
Updates for 2015. Wrote eariler this year scripts for (all five of the each's 22 page lengths) an initial superhero SUNMAN, five comic book issues run, a 5 of 5 series - hopefully get those out this summer and early fall ! 5th issue want to film as it's super thrilling and dramatic, and sets up a whole particular prequel movie story arc., which is also spectacularly engaging. Still planned are feature movie productions, music videos for the theme songs, publications, graphic art, more theme songs, and other projects.

Stuff inc Songs

The superb indie rock poignant, first theme song SUNMAN, by, 7 Mile Stare , on their album, Organized Chaos, is available on that album,  or as a digital single track download on it,  on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

7 Mile Stare's 1st music video (Bloodshot Eyes):  SEE HERE  

Chris Ricketson  lead vocals, has got a great voice. Michael Cormier on lead guitar, Rick Ruth on drums, and Jamie Geddes, bass, are topnotch musicians. Engineered by the equally topnotch Dennis Field, Denmark Productions, in his sound studio, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


A second theme song, this one akin to a jingle, in association to my lyrics for it (also have lyrics credit for 1st theme song above) , SUPER SUNMAN, has been in studio demoed. It's fantastic locals sung and performed by the  marvelous  Lisa Birt, with instrument play by excellent studio engineer Dennis Field. The three of us united to make this song. Expect that to be completed and released during 2013. A sexy, fun,super catchy, and cosmic, tune! Click on yellow print Super Sunman above to hear a snippet of it. 

My superhero character Sunman is who (my figure) Sky (Anderson) becomes! As portrayed In  my scripts for a two movie (both yet to be made) origin story for my figure Sunman.

It was the only way he could become someone powerful enough to tackle a personal crisis and dark threat as sought to destroy him. And later on, Sky as Sunman becomes the only one powerful enough to save the entire world. Planned to be made are several feature motion pictures !! Based on my screenplays for first 5 of back to back feature motion pictures then be more feature movies to continue the saga !

Sunman akin in ways opposite kind of superhero than BATMAN. Rather figure connected to dark/night, Sunman's to day/light.

Gals, not to mention near everyone else, have always been drawn to charismatic Sky. The Gal with the surfboard as pictured here is a general likeness for Kay, Sky's often girlfriend.
7 Mile Stare live on stage performance

Thought I'd go add these words by

7 Mile Stare, they'd apply to things superhero Sunma® too !

Everyone has obstacles to overcome in this life and although at times you may not seem it... there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your tunnel may be longer or shorter than the next, but if you focus on that light rather than the darkness all around you, you can accomplish anything..

That's your 7 MiLE STARE
December 6, 2012 at 10:23am

Additional sites and contact info to be added soon. 


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